The best crypto wallets of 2019

What are the best crypto wallets of 2019?

If you want to keep your Bitcoin safe, it is wise to take a large wallet. This so called Bitcoin wallet of cryptowallet ensures that your crypto coins are safe and can not be hacked from being stolen. It is of course important that you take a good crypto wallet. Sometimes several wallets are recommended. We list the best crypto wallets.

There are various types of cryptowallets. You can not only store your Bitcoin (BTC) and other crypto coins securely on these wallets. We went looking for the best Wallets for 2019 and they are:

Best hardware wallet

A hardware wallet is a digital cryptowallet, which you store separately from your computer. Because there is no connection to the internet, the risk of hacking is much smaller. On the other hand, you obviously have a problem if you lose the hardware wallet. Ledger is the best and most reliable hardware wallet of the moment. With the Ledger Nano S they offer a complete hardware wallet, which also gives you the possibility to transfer crypto coins directly via the app. The Ledger Nano S is now available for € 59.95.

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

From 1 March, the Ledger Nano X will also be offered. This next generation has even more possibilities. Because of the innovative design, this successor of the Ledger Nano X won the CES innovation award 2019 this year. The Ledger Nano X is now available for pre-sale for € 119, -.

Best online cryptowallet

If you prefer to manage your cryptowallet online, Coinpayments is currently one of the best alternatives. This online cryptowallet can be used on all known operating systems. In addition, you can also put the wallet on your mobile phone via the app. The wallet can also be used to pay online in many online stores. Another good feature is that they facilitate hundreds of coins. This way you can store several crypto coins in 1 crypto wallet. Finally, this online wallet is optimally secured. Creating the wallet is free. You only pay a percentage of the coins you transfer. You can view here.

Best mobile cryptowallet

If you prefer not to have an online wallet or hardware wallet, but want to manage your crypto coins via your mobile phone, you can always opt for a mobile crypto wallet. The Edge app scores high in that segment. Here, too, ease of use and safety are central. The use of the app is again free, you pay % commission when you transfer coins. You can find the Edge App here.

Best Digital assets wallet

If you do not only want to keep crypto coins, but also other digital assets, Jaxx may be the ideal platform. This combination of desktop / laptop wallet and mobile wallet ensures that you have direct access to your digital assets, whether these are crypto coins or other digital assets. With the handy dashboard function you suddenly see the state of affairs of your mixed portfolio. Again, the use of the app is free and you only pay a percentage when you transfer. You can download the Jaxx app here.

Other crypto wallets

Of course, other crypto wallets are also possible, such as a paper wallet. You can create these yourself by simply writing down the code. There are also various programs that generate paper wallets. We are, however, very reluctant to discuss this type of software, since there is a high risk of malpractice. In addition, a paper wallet is irreparable in case of theft or loss.

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