Binance Jersey: the first a fiat-exchange

Major exchange Binance launched a new platform today to trade fiat to cryptocurrencies

With Binance Jersey it is possible for 58 countries to convert fiat to crypto and vice versa.

What is Binance Jersey?

Binance Jersey is a fiat-to-crypto/crypto-to-fiat exchange. For now it’s made for the European market and you can exchange your crypto to EUR and GBP.
There are 4 different pairs:



To be able to trade on the platform, the created account must first be verified. This is done through the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. This is currently being used by various trading platforms. Once verified, customers can trade.

How can I sign up for binance jersey?

  1. SIGN UP (get €20 for free)
  2. Complete KYC
  3. Deposit fiat/crypto
  4. Good luck trading

Final thoughts

In our opinion, it is a big plus that the crypto market has become more accessible in this way. Binance has already built up a good reputation and has a large number of users. They can now switch between fiat and cryptocurrencies relatively easily with tools that are familiar to them. However, the threshold can be made even lower. Depositing fiat money is still relatively cumbersome with a bank transfer. It is also a pity that Binance’s various exchanges are completely isolated from each other. It would be useful, for example, if crypto balances between own accounts could be exchanged. That said: the fiat exchange has just been launched, and there are undoubtedly improvements on the agenda.

We keep an eye on it! Sign up for free and receive €20

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