Bitcoin symbol added to Google’s iOS keyboard

BTC symbol added to Google Gboard

Do you use iOS and Google’s keyboard? Then Bitcoin’s ₿ symbol is now available as currency. A small change, but according to many a big gesture: it legitimizes the world’s most important crypto coin. That is how it works.

Gboard is Google’s keyboard that you can install on iOS. It offers some useful functionality, but is also very similar to the (native) keyboard of iOS itself. With recently a big difference: Bitcoin’s ₿-symbol can be chosen as currency.



The ₿ is only added to the iOS keyboard. It is not yet available on Android. You can access the popup with all currency symbols by holding down the euro or dollar symbol.

Is this an important signal?

Is this step important for the adoption of Bitcoin? Probably not. People probably will not go out on the street asking if they can pay with Bitcoin because their iPhone supports the symbol.

But it does symbolize the approval by an important company. What Google does is closely monitored. It is certainly not inconceivable that other companies and applications follow.

A small step, but positive.

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