Crypto currency for sale at post offices in Liechtenstein

Crypto currency for sale at post offices in Liechtenstein

In the national post offices of Liechtenstein you can soon purchase cryptocurrency. The service is rolled out in several phases. In the capital Vaduz you can already buy Bitcoin at the counter of the post office.

New business opportunities

From 15 February 2019, the national postal service of Liechtenstein (the Liechtensteinische Post AG) will support the exchange between fiat money and cryptocurrency, according to the official announcement from the postal company. It is part of a search for new business opportunities.

The rollout of this service has several phases. In this “first phase” it is “possible to change money to Bitcoin at the desk of the post office in Vaduz”. According to the postal company this service fits perfectly between the existing exchange activities.

First Bitcoin, then other currencies

After the first introduction phase, the offer is extended to other post offices and with extra cryptocurrency. In addition to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ripple can also be purchased.

The new service is facilitated by Värdex Suisse AG, a subsidiary of Bitcoin Suisse AG. Värdex focuses on Point Of Sale (POS) solutions.

In global context, the impact of this is relatively small. Liechtenstein is a dwarf state with about 38,000 inhabitants. There are only 9 post offices in the entire country. It would, however, be wrong to bagelize it completely as a milestone. There are potentially thousands of people who come into contact with Bitcoin in this way. In addition, the Swiss post owns part of Liechtenstein. Possibly cross-contamination takes place in this way.

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