Market update: Bitcoin through $ 4,000

Market update: Bitcoin through $ 4,000

a couple of highlight from this marketupdate:

  • Colorado comes with Digital Token Act. One of the provisions is that publishers of digital tokens receive exemptions from current laws and regulations.
  • McKinsey cries (again) a number of private blockchain pilots in a new report. “Many projects have failed to raise funding to continue.
  • Ledger comes with a mobile wallet device with Bluetooth technology, French concern is at CES to present the product.
  • Bitcoin is $ 4,075 Dutch time 10 am; + 6.3% last 24 hours
  • Ethereum is $ 156 Dutch time 10.00 am; + 2.5% last 24 hours
  • XRP is 37.6 cents Dutch time 10.00 am; + 6.1% last 24 hours

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