nOS Update: nOS to burn 37.2 million tokens

nOS CEO Dean van dugteren confirms huge tokenburn

On January 28th, the nOS Token Smart Contract will automatically unlock an amount of locked tokens for the Private Sale and Company Reserve.
The team has decided to take this opportunity to announce further development with a nOS Token Burn event, effectively decreasing the new projected circulating supply by a massive ~32%, making nOS even more desirable: low supply vs high demands.

Summary of the nOS tokenburn

  1. 22,500,000 NOS will unlock for Private Sale participants
  2. 37,593,504.50 NOS will unlock for the Company Reserve
  3. 37,219,486.50 NOS will be virtually burnt, effective immediately from the Company Reserve.
  4. The new nOS supply will now be 80,000,000 NOS, vs the original supply of 117,219,486.50 (approximately 32% lower than projected).
  5. The token unlock time is the first block on the NEO Mainnet after Monday, January 28, 2019 10:56:52 PM GMT.

What to do if you haven’t joined nOS yet?

The team of believe nOS to be a must have for every crypto portfolio. The nOS team is of extraordinarily high calibre’ of of zion developers. This in itself, offers a lot of trust in the future of the nOS token project. Another major advantage is that nOS will be on the NEX (rebranded to nash) exchange on day 1 of its  launch. nOS will be traded with Ethereum, USDC and NEO pairings.

If you would like more information about the token, we advise the following three things:

  1. Read our nOS review
  2. Join the nOS discord channel (nOS team members are frequently online to interact with community)
  3. Join the nOS telegram channel

How can the community support nOS?

Currently, the Bitmart exchange is holding a listing vote, nOS is one of the nominees, which you can show your support by voting for. Cut The Crypto team are doing our part in supporting the nOS project, Dean and his team. We are voting, are you?

How to vote for nOS to be listed on Bitmart?

  1. Sign up to BitMart using invite code Vote6 and receive free BitMart Tokens (BMX). BMX tokens are locked on your account until you trade for at least 0.05 BTC;
  2. Go to the BitMart Voting Page and vote for nOS. You have one free vote every hour. You can also use BMX for extra votes (1 BMX = 1 vote).

You can use up to 500 BMX to vote every day.

The easiest way to vote is to use BMX (~$0.01 USD per BMX)!

Voting ends at: 01/30/2019 10:00 AM (EST)

Can I benefit from voting for nOS?

nOS will airdrop an amount of nOS (equal to the amount of votes received on BitMart, up to 200,000 NOS) to our registered users with a Holding Score.

The more votes nOS receives, the more nOS Holders receive!


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