Our personal recent scam experience

How we became the target of scammers…

This is a small story about 1 of the numerous ways how scammers operate these days to lure people in. First of all, here’s the Telegram account who tried to fool us:


UPDATE: after a few days not responding in Telegram, the account was changed to the info below. Probably trying to fool the next one in line…


How did they reach out to us?

This already should ring some alarm bells! The scammer(s) contacted me through a private message in Telegram. Beginning with a nice “Hi, can I chat with you?” and a “How are you today?” we quickly went to the heart of the matter, try to scam me! Below you see the first steps he took in the conversation:

So the only thing you need to do is create an account on that site to which he will send his funds, withdraw the money to his address and take 15-20% of it? Wow, nice and easy! If only….

The second alarm bell

Now here’s the catch: to be able to withdraw the money, you first need to do a deposit of minimum 0.01BTC or 0.3ETH.


UPDATE: also after a few days the withdraw error message changed. Probably they noticed that asking to deposit first didn’t work. So now you have to install a Chrome extension to verify your account. Uhm, yeah right!


Then the story in Telegram continues. The scammer points out to me that he didn’t had that problem when he registered on the site and he will get back to me later. Here’s his message after that..

So he checked ALL of his wallets and has no coins anywhere right now. But I can increase my percentage to 25% if I will take care of that deposit? Enough of this sh*t, I’ve already wasted too much time on this! And there our conversation ended…

Alarm bell n°3: a crappy website

As a developer I took a dive into their website cryptoxunity.com which redirects to cryptogene.net. Whilst debugging I noticed a few things:

  • The functions on the site don’t really do anything.
  • Some of the content is linked to another domain/server called sense-system.info. On that server there was another example of a copy scamsite they created, called TwoHundredPercent.
  • On their site cryptogene.net they point out that the company is “Established in London in 2013” but when I look at the website’s WHOIS I see that the domain is registered just a few days ago.

And my last point which makes the scam proven 100% is that the website is just a cheap copy of cex.io. The animated gif below shows how the two sites look very simular.

Our final tip

In the crypto space you always have to keep one thing in mind:
If it sounds to good to be true, it most likely is!

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