Xult Exchange Launches Beta Tests

A new cryptocurrency exchange supported by ExchangeCoin, “Xult” recently announced the launch of beta testing of the platform. The Xult platform is scheduled to start in December. In addition, the team continues to work on two new technological innovations to be launched in the first quarter of 2019.

Beta tests, which hasn’t been launched yet, will continue for a week. Cryptocurrency exchange Xult’s beta tests designed by the ExchangeCoin team were designed to cover the functionality, design and availability of the platform.

Xult Beta testing of the platform is divided into 3 different phases:

  • The first phases is a phase for Influencers and Media, in order to expand the scope of our exchange (in progress). If you are an influencer or represent any crypto-medium, write to us at media@excc.co.
  • a phase for our community on Discord and Telegram, we would like to acknowledge the EXCC community and its commitment
  • a general phase for all those interested in the Beta Tests.

ExchangeCoin CEO Wiktor Głowacki evaluated Xult’s beta tests for the new cryptocurrency exchange. Głowacki makes the following statements about the subject:

We are convinced that the new cryptocurrency exchange will fulfill the needs of the users in a great way. In line with this belief, we give due consideration to beta testing of the platform. These tests will not only provide us with feedback on possible errors, but will also offer many ideas about the availability of the new platform, the experiences of users and functionality. It is a fact that during the development process of the Xult platform, we had a close contact with the users. We conducted live tests with users, interviews, and confirmed our stock exchange platform. However, when we consider the ever-changing nature of the crypto money market, it can be said that even such an extensive research process will not be sufficient.

“Wiktor Glowacki – CEO” 

Users who will participate in beta tests will have individual access to the centralized exchange (CEX). A special feedback form will be sent to these users. In this form, users will be asked about their evaluations of the platform and their user experience. Moreover, users will be paid for the time and effort they spend on the beta test.

How can you become a XULT beta-tester?

If you want to participate in the beta test of the Xult cryptocurrency exchange, you can make an application using this form. Applications must be completed by 14 December 2018. The respondents accepted to the official testing process will be informed by e-mail and the start date of the test will be announced in this way.

Exchangecoin CEO Sylwester Szczepanek, who is responsible for launching the Xult crypto money exchange, noted the following statements:

As we have already announced to our community, we have started working on two features to be added to the Xult crypto money exchange. Each application will benefit from the new technologies rarely used by other exchanges in the crypto money market. Both applications will be launched in the first months of next year. Considering how competitive the crypto money market is, we believe that these innovations will give us a great advantage.

“Sylwester Szczepanek – Exchangecoin CEO” 


ExchangeCoin (EXCC) was founded in 2017 to provide financial support for the idea of ​​building a decentralized crypto exchange platform. The platform was developed to serve semi-professional crypto money processors. ExchangeCoin is showing among the rare crypto coins that they have a value that reflects the properties of real products. EXCC stands out with its structure that has similar features to the traditional markets and the cryptocurrency market. Visit http://www.excc.co for more detailed information about ExchangeCoin.

XULT Centralized Crypto Exchange

Xult can be expressed as an innovative and user-oriented cryptocurrency exchange. The platform is scheduled to start in the last quarter of 2018. This centralized crypto exchange has features designed specifically for professional and semi-professional traders. It can be said that such crypto currency traders are looking for a user interface with multiple order options. The Xult platform is user-friendly and can be easily used by anyone. Moreover, the platform takes into account the popular crypto currency projects and the emerging innovative coins and tokens.

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