We want to buy more Crest tokens (CSTT) and this is why…

We are buying more Crest Tokens and this is why…


A Crest Token’s Insiders Guide – by Cut The Crypto

In the exciting World of crypto currencies, where ICO’s are popping up on the daily like wild mushrooms after the rain, the average investors are always on the hunt for that next magic token, the Bitcoin sub – you can say, enters Crest Token. What to make of this new shiny, green project?
We at Cut The Crypto reveal our research into Crest Token, findings, pros and cons and why we are loading up on Crest (CSTT)!

A CSTT(AR) was born

Amidst the long crypto winter of 2018, when new investors are getting weary and hodlers, exhausted, a new kid on the block-chain makes its debut – quietly, subtly, but determined all at once.

​I was one of those sceptical ones who admittedly rolled my eyes at the mention, another “ponzi” coin you say? That was, until my many conversations with Ben Sanders – The active CEO of Crest Token, and the many over-deliveries of their promises, Crest now have my ears, and my money too!

Below is our thorough investigation on fellow potential investors’ behalf, into the green token that is Crest.

Watch their video on The Crest DigiAd Platform

The [many] green signals of the CSTT Token

With a Digital Marketing, PPC (Pay per click)  and Affiliate Marketing backed business, a transparent team, a very rare quality for coins and tokens of the passive income category, Crest Token looks increasingly promising to deliver investors returns (ROI).

​Despite the pre-sale phase having started a little slower than some of its counterparts, commencing at the end of May 2018, at the pre-sale price of just $.025 per token (CSTT) and a reservation of just 1,000,000 tokens, Crest Token pre-sale SOLD OUT on November 2018, the saying “slow and steady” rings true.

Upon the pre-sale conclusion, investors’ excitement, momentum and interests accelerate from 0-100 with the Crest’s web traffic moving at lightning speed, real time stats of up to 20,000 per day of unique, curious, smart investors flocking to Crest’s official site.

Perhaps the investors themselves can smell Crest’s ingredients for success, perhaps its the transparency in Crest’s Management team, perhaps it’s just evident that the Crest Token team know exactly what they are doing when it comes to Digital Marketing, a testament to their shy-of-19,000 registered users and similarly, 18,000 short of Telegram followers, Crest is sure to be on top of their crypto game, and is determined not to be intimidated by their bigger, bolder, older brothers and sisters in the passive income crypto space.

Why do I want Crest Tokens

What it does

Crest Token (CSTT) is a campaign & staking token, which offers its token owners the options of staking, campaigning and get % of their total Crest tokens invested, or simply hold and trade their tokens as they wish.

Investors Returns

Campaigned tokens are used to fund DigiAd campaigns – Crest’s bread and butter business, returning its investors a daily average of 1.15% to 2.25% (including part capital). This means that your initial capital gets returned to you along with your daily interests, daily. A realistic, logical, mathematically sound and modest equation into the 500 Billion dollar industry that isDigital Marketing.​ The Crest Token pre-sale started the game at only $0.25 per CSTT, with Main ICO kicking off on 27th November 2019 at basement price of just $0.30 and last ICO round on 31st January 2019 at $1.70 per CSTT, with a maximum personal cap of just 50,000 per investor. At these prices, Crest Token early investors can already expect a return of almost 7 times ROI ($0.30 to $1.70 per CSTT) on ICO’s completion! In number talks, this means that purchasing 100 Crest Tokens (CSTT) @ $0.30 a token, the total investment would be $30 – Upon ICO completion, the value of your Crest tokenswould be $1,70.

Join Crest ICO

What are Crest Token’s specifics?

Crest Token (CSTT) is an ERC20 token, which has a maximum supply of 12,500,00 – with a Soft Cap of $2M, Hard Cap of $6.65M, and just 6,400,000 are reserved for the Main ICO rounds.

What crypto currencies can I use to buy Crest Tokens?

Crest Token’s supply is low, and the demands are increasingly high, in summary, people want Crest. To further add a little icing on the Crest cake, the Management team have stepped up the game and included Monero (XMR) at investors’ requests to their current pairings of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), another rare offering which sets Crest above the rest, a further sign that the Crest Token’s Management Teamare actively listening, and delivering.

What are Crest Token’s other benefits to investors?

Last but not least, upon reviewing Crest Token’s latest Youtube video where Ben Sanders (CEO) – and their Marketing Strategist (Angela Brasington) explained Crest Token in details – no glam shot, no voice-over, no anonymity, nothing to hide – just them, their transparency, their faces, voices, views, visions, their passion for the Crest Token project and its investors and their success. I was sold.Unlike other campaigning and staking coins in the passive income space, the Crest Token’s Management Team have put themselves on the line – in the public eyes – no other coin of its kind can say the same. Ben Sanders has also been actively involved in face-to-face interviews, and openly invited investors and curious cats to join him in his attendances at many blockchain events, past, present and future.

Ben Sanders - CEO Crest token
Ben Sanders
Angela Brasington - Crest Marketing Strategist
Angela Brasington
Marketing Strategist

How do I buy Crest Tokens (CSTT)?

Purchasing Crest Tokens is super easy and user-friendly with Cut The Crypto’s simple steps below:

  1. Create a Crest Token account here
  2. Send either BTC, ETH or XMR to your Crest’s dashboard wallets
  3. Buy Crest Tokens the mainCrest ICO dates listed below

When can I buy Crest Token (CSTT)?

  • Crest Token Pre Sale         – $0.25 per CSTT – SOLD OUT
  • Crest Token ICO Round 1 – $0.30 per CSTT – SOLD OUT
  • Crest Token ICO Round 2 – $0.50 per CSTT – SOLD OUT
  • Crest Token ICO Round 3 – $0.70 per CSTT – 9 January 2019
  • Crest Token ICO Round 4 – $0.90 per CSTT – Date TBA
  • Crest Token ICO Round 5 – $1.10 per CSTT – Date TBA
  • Crest Token ICO Round 6 – $1.30 per CSTT – Date TBA
  • Crest Token ICO Round 7 – $1.50 per CSTT – Date TBA
  • Crest Token ICO Round 8 – $1.70 per CSTT – Date TBA
  • ICO END date: 31st January 2019

Take a look at the CSTT Roadmap

Crest token roadmap

In summary

Crest Token’s Purpose – The Utility Token

A DigiAd backed Campaigning & Staking token. Used to create DigiAd campaigns or stake.

Team – Transparency

A transparent, public team which offers investors’ security and confidence, whilst demanding team’s accountability and responsibility, some key team members are:

  • CEO – Ben Sanders
  • Software Developer – Aleksandar Djordjevic
  • Marketing Strategist – Angela Brassington
  • Lead Community Manager – Dean Matthew Lapinid

In summary, I am excited about this shiny new coin and its limitless potential. In the current market full of red, a little green coin (Crest Token) has certainly shone through – at $0.30 per token, can you afford to miss out? We, at Cut The Crypto certainly won’t. See you there at the Crest Launch! I am Coco, collectively, we are Cut The Crypto – A united no bullshit Crypto Source of avid traders, hodlers and Crypto Enthusiasts with one sole vision: cutting the crap in crypto, for your success.

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How do you receive the tokens?

First buy CSTT using this link: https://cresttoken.com/pre-ico?ref=ezf9u5e

After buying please fill in this form and we will get in touch with you:

Till next time,

Cut The Crytpo

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