In nOS we believe, in Dean we trust!

In nOS we believe, in Dean we trust!

“We couldn’t be more excited for the future, and we’re extremely happy to have you with us.”

Company and project profile

nOS, a NEO based virtual operating system, enabling a decentralized internet. In the world of dApps nOS is here to improve and make them more user friendly. dApps are served through the nOS Protocol, a distributed web protocol that integrates nOS Name Service, accessible by their nOS Client, which by the way is beginning to look more stunning and stunning. The use of dApps involves a lot of complicated steps plus extra software and therefore mainstream adoption of the blockchain technology won’t happen. In order to get these dApps to be used by non-technical users nOS is developing an operating system to connect developers with the end users, to make their user experience as optimal as possible. On the developer side they are able to integrate NEO smart contracts easily into their applications.

Let’s get technical

The token that powers nOS is called nOS utility token. The nOS token mechanism is designed with an incentive and reward system. nOS tokens need to be staked in order to obtain a domain from the nOS name service.

nOS comes with a feature that automatically exchanges tokens for end users. This means end users are able to use the generic NEO Gas token for payments and do not need to purchase any NEP-5 tokens, despite using them in the background.

The more developers will request domains on nOS the more tokens will need to be staked and the higher the market capitalization of nOS will be.

Ride along through their roadmap…

The development progress and roadmap of nOS has always been very transparent to their supporters. Their MVP client was published in April 2018 with also a release of the nOS testnet shortly thereafter. In the end of October, early November the nOS Token Generation Event (TGE) was held. More details about the TGE you can find in their Medium post. We also contributed in this TGE and bagged up a few 10k’s of nOS tokens!

Q4 2018 is where the further development of the decentralized file system should take place, with in Q1 2019 nOS plans to release its 1.0 Client, officially launching the nOS Open Internet 1.0.

Even before they held the TGE one of the investors in the project was NEO Global Capital, and they also partnered up with Data Access Worldwide. On the Developer’s Event there were 60+ developers in the nOS community who all worked towards building and deploying working proof-of-concept dApps to nOSNet. But to us an important partnership is the one with NEX, cause it will bring a new level of accessibility to Decentralized Applications and Smart Economy.

What a team

We all know the City of Zion who are an indepentent group of developers who support the NEO ecosystem, well four of their members contribute in the five headed core team of nOS. NEX’s founders, who they partnered with, are also previous developers at City of Zion.

Founder and CEO of nOS is Dean van Dugteren, also known as Deanpress. He’s also founder of VDT.Network and Click.DJ and one of the organizers of NEO Amsterdam. The other three City of Zion developers that are now involved with nOS are Matt Huggins, Jeroen Peeters, and Maurice Dalderup. Roger Lim is the Founding Partner of Neo Global Capital and an advisor of nOS.

Dean van Dugteren - Founder & CEO
Dean van Dugteren
Founder & CEO
Matt Huggins - Lead Developer
Matt Huggins
Lead Developer
Jeroen Peeters - Developer/Project Manager
Jeroen Peeters
Developer / PM
Maurice Dalderup - Full-stack Developer
Maurice Dalderup
Full-stack Developer

What’s our conclusion?

We strongly believe that nOS will be one of the very good investments we’ve made in 2018. nOS has the power with the big support of the NEO community and is one of the first projects where the product was already in such an advanced stage even before the TGE was held.

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