We Audited The Audit Chain Project (AUDT) – And Here Is Our Findings

We Audited The Audit Chain Project (AUDT) – And Here Is Our Findings

Cut The Crypto introduces you to a whole new World of 21st century Auditing & Reporting framework:  the AuditChain’s World’s first decentralized, trustless, continuous reporting system , adopting the DCARPE Protocol, enabled through DCARPE Alliance offers real time transparency and accountability auditing, minimizing fraud and optimizing trust, profits and results.

What Is Auditchain (AUDT)?

As the name suggest, AuditChain’s loud and clear vision is to deliver just that, an auditing ecosystem for the decentralized business World in the technology age – a much needed algorithm for utmost transparent, real time auditing of modern day enterprises. Previously, all reporting and auditing functionalities of organizations and corporations have been limited to outsourced third parties or internal departmental, the arrival of the AuditChain project allows stakeholders, investors and interested parties to audit, view, assess projects and enterprises’s progresses, data and analytics in a transparent, decentralized, real time fashion via block explorers.

DCARPE Alliance, the governing, regulating and enabling body of DCARPE Protocol, consists of a board of members from a vast array of professions relative to the AuditChain’s core project vision, including: finance & investment, accounting, auditory, legal, technology and other academic disciplines, holding the DCARPE Protocol, thus AuditChain project, accountable to its investors and stakeholders.

AudChain’s impressive, elite team of industry’s list of who’s-who’s consists of many high profiles, with Chris Danusiar leading the project in his CEO appointment, backed by Touradj Ebrahimi as Director, Organizational Standards Development & Relations, the legedary Chief Scientist Dr. Stuart Haber who is one of the original crypto nerd kids since Nakamoto era, as well as Eric Cohen, the audit technology celebrity!. Impressed? That is not even the icing on the AuditChain cake.

The cast of AuditChain’s movers and shakers list doesn’t stop there, supported by 6 reputable Advisors, with Jason Meyers (Founder) leading the team in making leaps and bounds towards a bright and successful future for AuditChain. Despite his appointment and responsibilities with AuditChain project, Jason Meyers is a regular figure on all of Audit Chain’s Social Media platforms, particularly the Audit Chain’s Telegram official community channel, offering personal support and answering queries from every day investors. Humble, highly experienced, passionate and legit AF, Meyers boasts an extensive portfolio within the banking and venture capital experience spanning over 30 years. Meyers brings with him a real World use case into the Blockchain space, having personally executed many IPO’s and others within the Healthcare, Tech, Software and FinTech games, with VestCom Ventures, Distributed Ledger Technologies to name a few.

With a name-dropping worthy list of clientele, Meyers counts Facebook, Kayak, Steve Madden, Rowan Cos and SIMS Metal Management as clients. It really is no wonder that the holy-grail mention of all mentions, being the Forbes, has taken notice, hailing AuditChain has “the biggest thing to happen in blockchain since Bitcoin!”, a tall order, and a well deserving one at that!


The Auditchain Token (AUDT) & Road Map

The AuditChain Token (AUDT) adopts ERC20 technology, with a total supply of  250,000,000 AUDT. Further information regarding AUDT’s staking and mining statistics as well as its further configurations and and distributions can be found here in the AuditChain’s Whitepaper.

The road, ahem, map is wide and long for AuditChain (AUDT), stable, steady, realistic and exciting milestones to achieve along the blockchain way to:

  • 1st Quarter – 2019 being the proposed Launch of MVP & Token Generation,
  • 2nd Quarter 2019 AuditChain TestNet,
  • 3rd Quarter 2019 Node Testing,
  • 4th Quarter 2019 DCARPE™ Explorer vs xBRL™ Analytics,
  • 1st Quarter 2020 MainNet Launch and 2nd Quarter 2020 – Commercial Launch, AuditChain for adoption to real World enterprises.
Auditchain Roadmap
Auditchain Roadmap

In summary, in AuditChain, we have a strong foundation in a working frame, an ideal, a solution that is critically deficient within the industry, then AuditChain take that idea, grow it by a team of highly experienced industry experts, powered by absolute passion, and the end product can only be a rough diamond waiting for the moment it is ready to shine.

Ready to join the AuditChain winning formula? We will see you there! Join AuditChain’s telegram channel her for more update regarding their upcoming ICO.

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