Are You Ready To Be Ex-Xulted?


Let the exhausted be exalted, or as we at Cut The Crypto would like to put it, exXulted! Even in this exhausting long winter of bears and glooms, good news abound! Behold Xult – the next level crypto currency exchange, empowered by EXCC – set in stone to offer crypto believers a sign of relief, to exhale and embark on brighter, bigger future gains.

Xult Exchange Cut The Crypto


The Xult exchange team, hard at work over the last few months in building a hybrid crypto currency exchange of its kind, one which will be operating in conjunction with the and the decentralized exchange adopting the Exchange coin (EXCC), to realise their vision of a crypto trading space offering the finest, most cutting edge technology for crypto trading.


Established in 2017, the Exchange coin (EXCC) is Xult’s sister project, as such, it would make perfectly clear business sense to be using the EXCC as a common “trades and services” currency in using EXCC on the new Xult platform.

Xult Exchange Cut The Crypto

The new decentralized Xult exchange will be adopting the EXCC’s own blockchain using the Equihash algorithm and secured by the implementation of the PoW and PoS hybrid consensus, which allows for better mining profitability. The EXCC coin will be used as the main pairing for all services rendered within the Xult platform – a no brainer gains for all of EXCC holders for many happy crypto returns to come.


In July 2018, the Xult + EXCC team announced a hardfork, a remarkable, noteable step forth in their big plans to achieving their goals of building only the best exchange out, by taking a step back and rebuilding their blockchain – improving, setting higher standards for the finished product: a decentralized exchange first of its very own kind, and in its very own league.

Stopping at no corner, leaving no stone unturned, accelerating at full speed on the crypto technology highway, the Xult team pulls no break, with the envisioned lean, mean Xult machine to launch full throttle in Quarter 4 of 2018.

To deliver the best, Xult team works with the best in the crypto business, and not just with talented, pragmatic coders – but exciting partnerships that are kept well under wraps, to be announced shortly!


The Xult Roadmap is one of never ending road to higher successes, only to be limited by their highly dedicated team’s visions and imagination, which do not seem to stop.

Every single milestone has been reached thus far, with Quarter 2 being the start of the Xult Development, UX research & design and the backend implementation of their exchange. Quarter 3 saw Beta testing taking good place, and preparation for the launch commenced flawlessly.

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Not one to settle with mediocrity, the Xult teams takes one jab further at its (older, bolder, bigger) sisters and brothers, by offering unsurpassed customer service, a commodity that is a rarity within the crypto exchange space, an ambitious protocol of 24 hour turnaround response time for their users.
To add a point of difference, the Xult team’s user experience quality control processes have been taken for many a test drives through the personable surveys they have conducted with potential Xult users – including avid to seasoned crypto traders, finely tuned by suggestions and feedback, and powered by the team’s ambition and dedication to being the best at what they do.

Xult Exchange by Cut The Crypto
Besides a user friendly, simple and attractive design that is easy to navigate, Xult exchange users’ crypto assets are protected through the adoption of multisig cold storage, whilst various methods are used for the protection against DDOS attacks.
What did you say? A simple, easy to use crypto exchange that cares about its community and user success? Does that even happen in crypto? The answer is plain and simple, it does, at Xult!

Exalt, Xult! See you there on the other side. Until next time, we are Cut The Crypto.


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